Rototilt® transforms excavators into efficient tool carriers through a growing range of machine couplers, tiltrotators, control systems, tools and smart solutions, starting with you sitting in the cab. The excavator has the power, you have the knowledge and, with our tools, you can work with greater efficiency, agility and precision than ever before. This means that you can take on more types of assignments with the right setup for a safe and productive working day – and better results.


At the forefront of the excavator revolution sits Rototilt's tiltrotator. Full of top industry innovations, you'll be blown away by what it can accomplish. These modifications all work together to create the most effective tool carrier, enabling machine operators and companies to immediately widen their scope of work.

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With QuickChange™, we are offering a solution that makes it possible to carry out automatic tool changes directly from the cab. This results in savings as regards both time and fuel, at the same time as improving the safety of your work. Thanks to our technological innovations, you also get a solution that both reduces downtime and meets the growing need for flow capacity. So when it’s time for a change, choose QuickChange™.


Tools from Rototilt® increase the number of job types that can be undertaken while increasing profitability. All tools are optimised for Rototilt's machine couplers and tiltrotators. In addition, Rototilt's attachment frames ensure that hydraulic systems will work well with your machine.

RC™ Joysticks

Designed to give complete control back to the key players in the process - the operators. Built with excavating in mind, these joysticks have travelled through an extensive design and testing process to ensure they became exactly what machine operators are looking for. Built from the best materials, with ergonomics in mind - these joysticks are the key to the whole system.