A Loader For Any Job

A Giant machine is strong, compact and versatile. It’s professional grade equipment designed to get the job done!

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Giant loaders are multi-use machines that makes farm life so much easier and more productive. Tasks like pushing feed and manure, loading the TMR feed mixer, move bales or dirt will be done quick and comfortably with a Giant loader.


Move gravel, dirt, brush & sand, or load and unload a trailer fast! Switch to a broom for clean-up work. A Giant loader is a very handy tool at every construction job site: Fast, easy to operate and very comfortable.

Landscaping & Tree Care

A Giant loader is a must-have for every tree care and landscaping company: Turf and surface friendly, versatile, fast and high lift capacity. Move more mulch, brush, sod & trees in less time with minimal clean-up work when the job is done.

Snow Removal

Giant loaders provide a comfortable spacious cab with great visibility. It’s high travel speed and versatility make a Giant a great machine for spreading salt, and moving or blowing snow in residential areas or industrial parks.